10 Bizarre Japanese Inventions

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Some of the most incredible and innovative inventions have come from Japan. From technology, to everyday items that are pure genius, the Japanese are indeed some of the most innovative and brilliant people out there. Their inventions and even their anime is cunning and leaves Americans fascinated, wanting to study the culture and be a part of a Japanese world, maybe even more so than Japan’s natives. But no one is innovative or perfect 24/7, and there are moments where an invention or new product will come out that will make you wonder and question whether it’s sensible or not. Here are the ten most bizarre Japanese inventions that leave the rest of the world constantly scratching their heads wondering what exactly was going on when the big bosses approved it.
The first bizarre invention is the Motoman SDA10, which is an autobot created to make Japanese pancakes by itself. From the first step to plate presentation, the Motoman can cook a customer’s pancake along with working side by side with human coworkers. The next bizarre invention actually got its start in Europe, but the Japanese perfected it with technology and comfort, is capsule hotels. They are only big enough to fit a sleeping human body measure at about 6 feet by 3 feet. Staying in a capsule hotel is extraordinarily cheap and provides a cost-effective option for the budget traveler in Japan.
The next bizarre invention is the butter former, which is basically like a cheese grater, but for butter. You can use cold or room temperature, and with just a twist, you will get grated butter that’s easier to spread across your toast. In case, there will be no more tearing of your bread while buttering it. If you’ve eaten too much butter and need to slim your face, Japan has invented a plethora of face slimmers and smoothers (to get rid of wrinkles). These mouth pieces look really awkward, and you only have to wear them for a few minutes a day.
The next bizarre invention was created in order to help women hide from predators and attackers. The vending machine dress was made to look just like a vending machine, but it’s just some fabric with the image of some food products in a glass case. Let us hope the attacker doesn’t try to buy a beverage while on the prowl.
If you’ve ever had a cup of noodles, you know that after putting in the hot water, you have to let the product sit so the noodles can cook, but often times the paper lid comes off. The Japanese invented a solution for this dilemma by inventing Cupman, which is a plastic little man that holds the lid down. If while you’re eating your noodles, you feel lonely and want the comfort of a woman, then pick up a Female Lap Pillow, which is exactly what the name describes. These pillows are sold in stores and you can go home with one anytime you’d like.
If these inventions are bizarre to you, then check out the rest of these bizarre inventions like the thumb extender, square watermelons (which you can’t eat), and the Necomimi (for the times you want to wear computerized animal ears that will express your feelings).
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