Bizarre Trends People Thought Were Sexy

Top 10 of the weirdest things people used to do to try and be sexy.
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When it comes to defining beauty, the answers are pretty subjective. When it comes to sexy, the deciding factor is our hormones and what gets our feelings going. Beauty and sexiness is in the eye of the beholder, and sometimes that means that there were some pretty bizarre trends that were once considered to be exceptionally hot. The evolution of our different tastes and preferences started as soon as man figured out how to wear clothes and try to attract a mate. Because, ultimately that’s what it all comes down to is finding a mate and being sexy enough to maintain their attention. Whether it is through fashion, exotic locations, or interior decorating, environment and vibe are everything in this world.
In Japan, there was a very bizarre trend of bagel shaped saline injections. Making it literally look like there was a bagel or donut tucked underneath the skin on the forehead, this trend was considered to be sexy and attracted people of higher income, as it seemed to act as a demonstration of wealth. Of course, most men and women want to marry someone with a nice income, so naturally this trend acted as a sign saying, “Hey, I have disposable income, so you should sleep with me.”
But bizarre trends are not limited to just fashion. There have been some interesting innovations in interior design all for the sake of being sexy. One bathroom fixture features statues of women from the waist down placed in front of the sinks of a men’s restroom. Basically it makes the man look like he is pleasuring the statue from behind. It might be bizarre, but it was certainly sexy not only to the designer, but also for some patrons who used the facilities.
Let’s think about the fact that our weirdness didn’t just happen recently, have you ever seen powdered wigs from France? They were white wigs that reached extraordinary heights along with makeup that made your skin white as snow. Besides the fact that they made people look quite a bit older than they really were, but they just plain looked weird. However in the times of Marie Antoinette, this was the most effective way of advertising class and net worth.
Then there are some really disgusting trends that rely on the body parts and bodily fluids of animals. For example, there is a deep conditioning hair treatment using bull semen, as well as an anti-aging treatment using sheep embryos. How people come up with these ideas is beyond any rational thinking, but there had to be some trial and error that proved it to be effective.
Also, history will also eventually tell us that the trends that we follow in this day and age were bizarre. When one trend dies, there will be something else to replace it. As you browse through this video, perhaps it isn’t too much to ask to keep judgments at bay and take on an open mind. Tastes and opinions continue to evolve and we should thank the Universe that these trends are no longer relevant, let alone sexy.

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