DIY Underlights! Peek-a-boo Color SUMMER HAIR TREND! DIY Rainbow Hair:) Birthday Party Activity!!

HOTTEST SUMMER 2016 HAIR TREND!! This trend is adorable:) It’s the perfect for anyone who wants to have to fun with their hair color, but also wants to be able to hide the color. Great for Unicorns & Mermaidians that work during the day & can’t have crazy hair at work:) This color is applied at the base of the hairline & only can be seen when the hair is pulled up! It’s an easy & inexpensive hair trend that anyone can do. In this tutorial, I’ll show you exactly how to do these at home. I’ll also have the links to the products you need below this description.

Having two daughters, let me tell you, this would be an awesome & unique birthday party idea. The color is temporary (fades out within 6 weeks (check out my NOTE!!), these colors are very easy to do. Most girls LOVE hair trends & this one is actually inexpensive! One tube of color is about $6 & it easily could do a streak in at least 5 girls hair. I would probably purchase 6 or so colors & let them choose:) This would definitely be a huge hit!!

UPDATE!! I have a picture of the UNDERLIGHTS I put in my hair on my Instagram (beautyandverses). You can see my hair in my video. I have pale blonde hair. It’s not platinum, but I have natural blonde & I get a lot of highlights. I just took super skinny pieces & painted the Orchid & Salmon onto the last 6 inches of those skinny pieces. I didn’t go to the root because I was doing it to my own hair & it was just easier to only go to the midshaft of the hair. It’s SO cool! I never do anything crazy to my hair. But knowing this is temporary (check out my NOTE) & that this color trend is insanely big now, I wanted to try it. REALLY cool, just a little hint of colored streaks;)

NOTE: Any time you work with hair color, (including this brand), there is a risk of the color staining the hair. I have tried many different brands & this one lasts the longest for a semi-permanent. But that’s what we were looking for. IF YOU HAVE ANY CONCERNS of it lasting too long, then either do not use this brand, or only leave it on the hair for maybe 5 minutes. You can always do it again if it doesn’t last long enough. STRAND TESTS are awesome, that way you know for sure what your hair will do:) Also, the lighter colors you choose, the faster they fade out. The brights do last longer.

Ion Color Brilliance Semi-Permanent,default,pd.html#prefn1=subBrand&prefv1=CLRBRL&brandLandingPage=true&start=1

Tint Brush,default,pd.html#q=tint+brush&start=1

ALSO check out my Unicorn Hair Tutorial:) Perfect for Crazy Hair Day or anyone who wants to be a Unicorn:)

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