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      The competition in the paper packaging industry is increasingly fierce

      2022-05-23 14:41:15

      Since the 1990s, my country's product packaging enterprises have been in a period of rapid development, but they are generally small and medium-sized enterprises, and there are very few large enterprises. Before and after entering the new century, the carton packaging enterprises in the Yangtze River Delta region basically completed the specialization of the industry and reached the level of Guangdong.

      The development of the North China region represented by Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei is affected by changes in the industry economy. In recent years, the development of China's food industry, especially the dairy industry, has brought huge business opportunities to the corrugated box industry in this region. Inner Mongolia Yili Group, Mengniu Group, Hebei Sanlu, Beijing Sanyuan, Shanghai Guangming and other dairy giants have invested and built factories in North China and Northeast China. They have extremely high requirements on carton suppliers in terms of quality, scale and after-sales service, thereby promoting The rapid development of the carton industry in the region.

      However, the high-speed development of the carton industry has also brought fierce competition. Because of the low threshold in this industry, a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises have flooded in. In order to survive, many companies have adopted price cuts to win customers. However, in recent years, paper, The cost of energy, manpower and other aspects is on the rise, and many carton companies are complaining.

      Let's take a look at the challenges faced by carton companies.

      High quality carton

      Customers put forward higher requirements on the material, color and printing of the carton. The requirements for carton products are getting higher and higher.

      Due to the blind price competition of some carton companies, customers have a greater choice, which brings serious consequences to carton companies.

      short delivery time

      Customers demand tight delivery times and lead times are erratic.

      Purchasing zero inventory

      Larger enterprises generally determine the supply quantity and delivery time of domestic carton packaging according to the arrangement and plan of product production. The warehouse of the carton user is located in the carton company, and everything is transferred according to the user's production, and there is no specific delivery time.

      Base paper prices have risen while quality has declined

      The market demand for base paper has increased, and the price of paper has been rising because the price of raw materials is also rising and is controlled by imported base paper. As a result, the cost of base paper has risen from about 70% to more than 80%. However, the burst resistance index of its actual production paper has dropped by 5% to 10% compared with previous years.

      According to incomplete statistics, the profits of most carton companies are now quite meager, and the carton industry is facing a very severe situation. At present, many end customers continue to demand product price reductions, while the requirements for quality and materials are getting higher and higher, which makes the carton companies that have been embattled on all sides to adopt low-price strategies to survive in the cracks.

      Market void is approximately equal to excess profit

      In recent years, a new type of micro-corrugated cardboard for dangerous goods cartons in Suzhou has emerged in the Chinese market. It marks the perfect combination of modern packaging and advanced printing technology. It is difficult to match with ordinary corrugated cardboard in terms of protecting goods, facilitating transportation, and promoting sales. The advantages. At the same time, it has high-strength seismic performance, exquisite printing, and low cost, so it is well received by users of home appliances, food, mobile phones, chemicals, electronic products, etc.

      Compared with B-type large corrugated paper packaging, the former not only has a firm structure, high parallel pressure bearing capacity, and good buffer performance, which effectively ensures the product quality during transportation, and the printing effect is bright and beautiful, and the volume is small. Reduced packaging costs. After using E-flute packaging, many customers found that the cost was reduced a lot compared to the original use of white cardboard boxes.

      In addition to ordinary packaging, new corrugated has many unique uses, such as making furniture and display stands.

      Corrugated furniture: With the improvement of corrugated cardboard quality and production process, the strength and printing quality of corrugated cardboard have been greatly improved, laying the foundation for corrugated cardboard to enter the furniture market. Nowadays, a corrugated box storage box made of corrugated cardboard is popular in the market, with different shapes and sizes, all of which are made of corrugated cardboard from A flute to C flute. Because paper has the characteristics of easy printing, corrugated furniture has great advantages in printing patterns. Its bright and beautiful, colorful design, and various sizes and specifications are very popular. With the maturity of this product technology in the future, corrugated furniture is bound to become a trend.

      Display stand: Although the display stand is very common in Europe and America, it is still in its infancy in China. According to expert analysis, the production of corrugated cardboard display stands can reflect the strength of carton enterprises, enhance the image of carton enterprises, and at the same time improve the technical content of enterprises, and its future market potential is huge.

      Since there are so many cardboard extension products, the market prospects are so good. How should carton companies seize this opportunity and open up a new market path? We have drawn the following experience from some carton factories that have been involved in this field:

      Raw materials: Residual corrugated cardboard and discarded scraps are generally used for re-engineering. This saves the cost of purchasing raw materials and saves expenses;

      Equipment: Some simple extended products such as paper trays, in addition to cutting, mainly rely on a lot of manpower to be responsible for gluing and assembly. In contrast to more complex products, existing enterprise equipment can be utilized. If the original equipment cannot be used, equipment suitable for the production of the product can be appropriately purchased and produced with improved technology. Some products are made in the same way as carton processing, while others are different, which vary from product to product;

      Sales: According to the survey, it is found that many manufacturers who produce these products initially developed them at the request of customers. However, carton companies should take the initiative to seek more customers. Of course, it takes a process for customers to understand these products. But what is worth affirming is that market leadership is bound to have market advantages. Only by speeding up the implementation of good ideas can we be in a leading position in the market.

      In the production process of carton products, the cost structure of raw materials determines the profit space, while the expansion of cardboard products is determined by innovation, and the proportion of raw materials is very small. If the purchase price of a carton is 3 yuan, the purchase price of a display stand may be 8 yuan or even 10 yuan, and their cost is only 2.4 yuan. Such a huge profit margin is undoubtedly like a stimulant for the carton industry in the era of small profits.

      Therefore, the competitiveness of enterprises is to continuously provide more and better products or services at lower costs. In addition to being stronger than others now, but also constantly being stronger than others, this is competitiveness.

      We will see that professional and unique development ideas will bring new opportunities for the development of the carton industry. let us wait and see.


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