Extremely Shocking BODY MODIFICATIONS of Unbelievable Trends Compilation

10 + Most Shocking Strange body modifications pictures of people with modifies to the bodies. Hacking Self Inflation, Pointed Ears, Strange Piercings?

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1. Inked Tongue
2. Clear Lens Facial Pierce
An expander in the chin area
Expander made of clear plastic
3. Corset Body Piercings
4. 3d Tattoos
5. Achilles Piercing
6. Self Inflation (A Temporary Mod)
A Temporary Modification — Body absorbs the saline solution within a day
2 Hour Saline Injection
The Solution will disappear within a day (The Body absorbs the saline solution)
7. Eyeball Jewelry
JewelEye is inserted into the eye’s sclera.
(JewelEyes are made from platinum)
8. Subdermal Implants
Material used Silicone
9. eye tattoo
10. Pointed Ears
11. Magnetic Implant
12. Brain Piercings
Holes are drilled in Skull for Metal Ring to Pass Through


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