Is LG’s awesome 105-inch curved 4K HDTV the shape of things to come?

Korean tech giant LG debuted a curved 105-inch 4K Ultra-HD LED TV at the 2014 CES trade show and Digital Trends’ Caleb Denison got an exclusive and private first look from LG officials at the massive yet graceful Cinemascope-shaped screen.

The gently curving display stretches out in a 21:9 aspect ratio rather than the typical 16:9 form factor of most HDTVs, and we have to wonder if more super-wide screens are on the way from other manufacturers. In fact, LG’s Korean competitor Samsung has also shown a similar 4K 105-inch curved set they claim is curvier than the LG. Let the games begin.

No price or availability has been announced, but the set on display had great color, excellent definition and production-level fit and finish. Is the future of TV curvaceous and ultra-widescreen? If they’re as impressive as this machine from LG, we sure hope so.

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