KNT: STAR NEWS – #Bangsina trending on Twitter worldwide

REPORTER: Edison Bandilla, KaJoyfulnessTV Manila

Since Wednesday, July 23, during the launch of Its Showtime’s newest segment “Gandang Lalake: Kuma-Career”, netizens and viewers of the show were amazed when the show hosts introduced the two Showtime Dancers and a member of XB Gensan as “Trabahandles” Pusoda, RIP, and Bangsina.

Unexpectedly, the hashtag #Bangsina popularly named by Vice Ganda, became a trending topic on Twitter worldwide at the top spot, while the televiewers and the studio audience of the show were able to make a widespread approach by posting tweets using the hashtag #Bangsina, also known as Ms. Diane Nachor, a member of Showtime Dancers.

Meanwhile, the hashtag #Pusoda also became trending on Twitter last July 25, Friday.


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