Most Hottest & Sexiest Bollywood’s BIKINI BABES – 2015

The year of 2015 saw many leading ladies shedding their inhibitions and donning the two piece bikini. Bikini in Bollywood has always been a labelled as something bold, sensuous and sexy and not just a swimwear.
Starting with the Bollywood’s hottie and that is Sunny Leone
Sunny Leone:
Sunny had no inhibitions that we all know but she lists top in Bollywood when it comes to look amazing and raunchy in bikini. She trends the most. This year Sunny was seen looking hot and doing Paani wala dance in Kuch kuch Locha hai.
Daisy Shah
Next Bikini babe of 2015 is surprise as she is Daisy Shah
She made debut with Salman Khan in desi avatar but with Hate Story 3 she got complete makeover with her one piece swimwear, she is looking super hot in cool water in song sequence.
Alia Bhat
A pink color bikini is always a hot and sexy and Alia Bhatt wore it for a dream sequence. Well that cant be like demand of the script but surely Alia made it to dreams of many men coz as she enticed and aroused men in that pink bikini.
Amyra Dastur
Amyra Dastur gets a mention in here. The film Mr X was a flop but the swimming pool of invisible man with lady in bikini that kind of things stays in mind isn’t it Amyra. She looked hot and was tantalizing but babe sorry the film flopped.
Kyra Dutt
And 2015 list of Bikini babes cant end without mention of calendar girls, a film by Madhur Bhandarkar on life of models. Kyra Dutt needs to be special mentioned as she looked super hottie in bikini rolling on sand!


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