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Earthquake strikes again felt in India and Nepal – 7.1 magnitude

Earthquake strikes North India again at 12:41 pm in India. Minor shocks were felt in areas of Rajasthan like Jaipur, Jodhpur, Puskar etc. The epicenter of this earthquake might be in Nepal.

The earthquake has been felt in areas of Uttar Pradesh (U.P.), Bihar, Punjab and tremors were felt in Kathmandu also. The damage caused by the earthquake has not been estimated yet.

The epicenter of the earthquake has been identified as Kodari, Nepal where according to the upgraded reports the earthquake was of intensity 7.4 on richter scale.

The worst part was that the earthquake struck Afghanistan simultaneously. The resultant effect of these earthquakes has proved to be fatal again.

The earthquake has also struck Zham, China.

Most affected regions of the earthquake are – Banepa, Panaoti, Patan and Kathmandu in Nepal.

According to some news sources the epicenter of the Earthquake can be in Afghanistan also where the earthquake has caused a lot of damage.

The last earthquake in Nepal killed around 8000 people and injured around 18,000 in and around Nepal and in regions of India. We pray to god that this Earthquake causes less damage.

People can be seen running out of their houses and work places in India and Nepal. People are terrified. Not even 15 days and another earthquake of similar magnitude strikes again!!

Pakistan and Bangladesh also experienced massive aftershocks from the earthquake. The reports of damage from these places is also yet to come.

As of now 4 have been confirmed dead in Nepal as a result of this earthquake.

We’ll keep you updated about the earthquake and its after effects in India and Nepal.

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